We offer core banking solution (CBS) for co-operative banks which is comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution that effectively addresses the strategic and day-to-day challenges faced by banks. It is highly parameterized providing that much-needed flexibility to innovate and adapt to a dynamic environment.

CBS Modules are as follows
Core Modules
  • Customer Information System
  • General Ledger
  • Clearing
  • Workflow
  • Custom Reports
  • Management Information System(MIS)

Demand Deposit
  • Saving Accounts
  • Current Accounts
  • Term Deposits
  • Recurring Deposits

Consumer Lending
  • Consumer Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Personal Loans
  • Retail Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Collection

  • Introduction best suitable processes
  • Quality documentation of process flows
  • Cost and time Savings
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Better risk management

Business Applications

Business Applications


Business applications help your company plan, execute and measure successes of the business.

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