We offer to technology solutions to build cloud infrastructure- public, private or hybrid to simplify your data center and enable the more flexible and agile service delivery.

Getting to your cloud—public, private, or hybrid—can be daunting. If you are just starting the journey toward a cloud computing infrastructure, there are important decisions to make. What software is best suited to your organization’s needs? Do you build a private cloud or use cloud services (IaaS) offered by a service provider? Do you deploy highly integrated solutions or more interoperable, multi-vendor solutions? And then, once the cloud platform is in place, how do you make it more secure, efficient, and simplified?

Nrusinha helps organizations and companies understand, evaluate, test, configure, and implement cloud solutions. Nrusinha uses off-site server clusters that are in “the cloud” or in large, secure, well-maintained network operation centers. Nrusinha works closely with leading cloud systems and solution providers to deliver proven reference architectures to address main IT challenges.



Enable your organization to maximize technology’s full potential — through a modular, standards-based  cloud solutions. Nrusinha can help you address the most complex IT problems, meet your organization’s demands for computing power and storage, and take advantage of:

  • Low hardware and maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy and space requirements
  • Flexible structure that scales with your changing needs


We can also help you create a centralized technology resource of computing power, storage and bandwidth that you can distribute on demand. With our private cloud services, you can:

  • Gain quick access to data and applications
  • Avoid upfront costs and complex maintenance
  • Maximize your IT budget through a pay-as-you-go model
  • Benefit from high levels of security, reliability, performance and customer service
  • Scale quickly and with ease

Take your organization to new heights of performance and productivity. Work with Nrusinha today and get the computing resources you need through cloud solutions.


IT Services


Our end-to-end, advanced and latest technology solutions solves business challenges faced by your entire IT infrastructure.

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